Filianna,  Lahti Female Choir, Finland

44 singers
Conductor: Sabrina Ljungberg

One night a week we forget we are teachers, supervisors, shopkeepers, doctors, interpreters, gardeners, mothers, daughters or sisters. We are human beings, grown up women and we get together to sing. For a passing moment we do not think about our children, our close ones, about our work and sorrows, about the day after tomorrow.

Our minds are captured by the richness of music: lightness of jazz, soothing folk songs, poetic rhythm of art music, grandness of festive music or just of a quiet story telling. The illusion created by the music and the picture of our lives grow to be more real than the life itself. Our songs are telling about us, about you and me, about truthful moments in life, future and past, about moments of happiness, about wishes and losses.

Filianna celebrates now 95 years of singing. The decade of modernism created in Lahti, Finland this dynamic female choir in year 1923. The spirit of Lahti ladies singing together survived the periods of war - and continues, untouched by the economic ups and downs, towards the grand jubileum year 2023!

Filianna is conducted by Sabrina Ljungberg. Filianna stands strong. With roots in the past we keep reaching out for new artistic levels. We know there are great untold stories for us to tell. That is why we put our hearts together to speak out for what we believe is guiding our lives. Our lives, united, inside the music.

Kuva: PhotoDance Valmela